PRODUCTSHARE (PS) is a global organization founded on the principles of Conscious Capitalism on a mission to develop the world’s first socially conscious, community-governed e-commerce platform that shares the economic value it creates fairly and equally among the stakeholders participating in its business ecosystem, the people in the community where it operates and the planet we all share together.
Unlike traditional corporations that view social responsibility as a trade-off between profit and social good, PS defines humanitarian, sociological and environmental contributions to be one of the three equally-critical pillars of our mission and treats the Environment & Society where we operate on equitable footing with direct participants such as investors, partners, vendors, customers, employees and customers.

Productshare Ecommerce Protocol and Online Shopping Platform

PRODUCTSHARE (PS) is centered around the operation of www.productshare.co, a socially conscious, community-governed and customer-curated shopping platform built on our own ecommerce protocol. The PS Ecommerce Protocol rewards shoppers with an automatic cashback when someone buys a product after clicking a referral link that they shared at the time of purchase. The cashback rates vary from 50% to 100% with an average cashback rate of 75% per product. Such significant cashback rewards are possible by reserving 1/3rd (33%) of the profit generated by the PS Marketplace to be paid to customers to fulfill our promise to share our profits evenly.
The term “To Productshare'' means to shop in the PS Marketplace while sharing the products in your order at the time of checkout with your social network via unique product sharelinks that can be posted on Facebook automatically or shared manually on any other social or text messaging platform like Whatsapp, Telegram etc.
The PS Protocol is implemented as a smart contract that is triggered when someone buys a product by clicking your sharelink. The smart contract first verifies that the cashback conditions are satisfied and are legitimate and then automatically makes a cash deposit to your wallet in the amount of the product price multiplied by the cashback rate set for the product associated with that sharelink. PS users can earn cashback rewards once per SKU (i.e. on the first time their sharelink is used to buy the product with that SKU, the user receives the corresponding cashback reward). (see PS Protocol Section in our Whitepaper)

Productshare History and Ownership

PRODUCTSHARE was founded as a Delaware C-Corporation in 2020 and has been working in stealth mode to prove the product-market fit of Productsharing. Over the last two years we have built a world-class team, a conscious team culture, a brilliant design and a strong technology foundation for the entire PS ecosystem. We took our time and worked with tender love and care to conceptualize and create the technological infrastructure that will scale and is capable of saving billions of dollars in e-commerce profits from being hoarded by greedy companies like Amazon and instead, sharing it for the equal benefit of all humanity.
We are not a typical startup that will ever be funded by venture capitalists because we believe that PS should be owned by the people it serves and that will never change. Today, we are almost ready to share our creation with the rest of the world and this document is our public announcement that we are raising operating capital for our public launch by offering a third of the ownership in the PS ecosystem to our partners, our customers, their families and members of the communities they live in.
Our Initial Decentralized Token Offering (IDO) described in this document is the first step towards democratizing all of e-commerce by shifting platform ownership and economic benefits where they truly belong: In the hands of the most important user group who in reality are the ones that spin the wheels of the greedy capitalist machine, yet completely overlooked by it, THE CONSUMERS.