Productshare DAO

Although decentralized business models on the basis of Conscious Capitalism have been described at length in various academically focused research over the last 3 decades, yet their practical implementation has not been possible until the launch of the Ethereum blockchain in 2015, which was the first successful implementation of commercially viable smart contract technology that paved the way to decentralized models of business cooperation, governance and ownership.
The PRODUCTSHARE decentralized ownership and governance model as well autonomous distribution of value to Stakeholders has been made possible by the advent of smart contracts and the emergence of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) as a new form of cooperation in a distributed/decentralized, provably fair and transparent manner.
In its current form most governance aspects of PS are temporarily modeled using centralized business processes and as they are gradually perfected, PS will progressively become a fully decentralized organization governed by its stakeholders via trustless protocols implemented on the blockchain using smart contracts. The initial investor-led growth will transition to stakeholder-led growth as the majority ownership of the PS protocol is gradually shifted towards the Customers Circle and Community Causes stakeholder groups. This will effectively achieve a majority (2/3rds) ownership by the Stakeholders who are independent of the centralized PS Corporation and thus will ensure that future operations of the PS Platform are truly decentralized and Community-Governed.
Figure 2. - Decentralization Percentage vs Time and Token Supply Graph
Figure 2. - Decentralization Percentage vs Time and Token Supply Graph
The process of decentralization will be a gradual progressive process that will begin with
  1. Migrating the ownership structure from the traditional stock ownership model to a DAO model with tokenized Stakeholder governance and ownership.
  1. Transforming the PS Cashback Protocol to be entirely decentralized.
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