Stakeshare Token Economics

Token Distribution

PSS has a fixed supply of <S 333,333,333 and will be distributed equally among the 3 Stakeholder groups. PSS Tokens will be minted in several stages over the course of 22 months, starting with the Presale on on the UnicryptUnicrypt Platform. The tokens reserved during the Private Sale (<S 1,111,111) and Phase 1 IDO Tokens (<S 2,222,222) will be minted and start vesting on ${PRESALE_START_DATE}. Upon the completion of the Presale period on ${PRESALE_END_DATE}, the Co-Creators Collective’s Tokens will be minted and the 90 day lockup period will start before the Tokens start vesting.
Figure 3. - Detailed Token Distribution Chart

Token Vesting

Figure 4. - Tokens Vested vs Time
Figure 4. - Tokens Vested vs Time
To ensure that all PS Stakeholders are treated equally, we have designed each grant of PSS tokens to have the same vesting period of 33 months from the time of minting, however the Co-Creators’ Group (ie The Team’s) tokens will additionally be subject to a 3 months lockup period to prevent inflation of the token price on Decentralized Exchanges.
Since the various categories of token allocations are minted at different times over the next 2 years and are vested in equal increments of 3.03% per month for 33 months from the date of their issue, we estimate that the total supply of 333,333,333 PSS will be fully vested and in circulation by March 1, 2026 as per the model below.

Token Mint Schedule

Table 6. - PSS Supply Mint Schedule Details
Figure 5. - PSS Token Minting Schedule Timeline Graph
Figure 5. - PSS Token Minting Schedule Timeline Graph