Phases 0 & 1

During the Private Sale and Presale Periods tokens can be subscribed for using the BEP-20 implementation of the Tether (USDT) Stablecoin on the Pinksale.finance platform. The proceeds will be used for marketing and expansion of the PS product catalog as well as operating capital to finish the development the ShareCash/StakeShare liquidity portal (www.sharecash.money) which will enable the next two Phases of the Token Sale to utilize the ShareCash USD stablecoin. The liquidity portal will allow PS customers to purchase ShareCash (PSC) using their bank accounts and then exchange the PSC tokens directly into PSS inside the liquidity portal. All participants will be incentivized to buy, hold and use PSS in order to grow the community and the network. The utility of the PSS token will be twofold: as an incentivization mechanism to grant its holders higher cashback rates as well as special VIP offers and also as exclusive membership access to the PS Marketplace.