V1 - Stakeholder Groups
Stakeholder Group Name
Group Definition
Ownership Share
This Stakeholder group includes anyone who takes part in the creation of the PS Platform and related products or services. This group consists primarily but is not limited to Company Founders, Employees, Contractors, Advisors, Investors, Suppliers and Strategic Corporate Partners.
This group of Stakeholders consists of all PS Platform users and the community they live in, which includes their friends, family, co-workers and anyone else in their extended social networks. Profit- sharing with this group inspires loyalty and builds lasting relationships inside the social environment in which PRODUCTSHARE operates.
The Charitable Causes Stakeholder group is a broad group of Stakeholders that includes the non-profit, non- government organizations (NGOs) and initiatives that align with the core mission of PRODUCTSHARE. They also include the Corporate Social Responsibility programs that enhance or positively contribute to society and the environment.